Outwork: the international dj producer, they say…

But… Who is Outwork?

OutworkItalian DJ-producer Pietro Berti aka Dj Outwork; influenced by italo disco records, his unique electro sound has conquered dancefloors and club charts all over the Europe.
Italian testimonial for Pioneer Pro DJ since 1994, Pietro Berti has a deep musical background due to his long experience in touring around the Italian country.
In 2004 he began working with Livio Gobbo aka LEE J (Outwork’s computer programmer). He first came to music as a keyboard player in various studios in the Treviso area. In 1997 his passion for music encouraged him to create the X-SIDE STUDIO where, working with local disc jockeys, the first few productions were born. At the end of 2004 he joined the team Alessandro Viola, aka Alex V (Outwork’s musician and arranger). Can be defined as an all-round musician who passes with remarkable ease from classical music to fusion. He was born in 1956 of musical parents from whom he gained, from an early age, his first notions of music. Alex continued his studies at Venice Conservatoire and graduated in piano and composition at the age of twenty-one with maximum marks. In the meantime, he was also developing a passion for blues and funk and in the seventies, while still only fourteen, started to play in many different groups in clubs all over Europe. From 1985 he began working in various production studios as session musician and arranger. His first productions for the label Brainstorm came out in the nineties and in 1992 he had the honour of playing with Franco Battiato the presentation tour of the opera Genesi. However, Viola’ s artistic consecration arrived, in 1994 with the Brainbug project and world hit Nightmare. In 1999 he played at New York’s prestigious Carnegie Hall as part of the “Venice For One Day ” project. ‘Elektro’ is the hit released by Outwork featuring Mr Gee aka Glen White, the famous singer and artist who started his musical career in the 80’s, with the Heart and Soul band first and the Soul Fishers then. When he arrived to Italy he joined the Kano band as singer. Outwork feat. Mr Gee ‘Elektro’, originally released in 3 different versions, is actually played in the most important European playlists and in many superstar DJ’s flycases; like Bob Sinclar, Roger Sanchez, David Guetta, Tiesto, Carl Cox, Erik Morillo, while Robbie Rivera did the remix and licences it exclusively for the Usa. Now ‘Elektro’ counts 10 different mixes and remixes. The track was the Ibiza 2006 ‘anthem and it was among the 5 top tracks of the year at the latest Miami IDMA. The track, released by Melodica on Tambour Label, has already been licensed worldwide… in Usa, Canada, Brasil, Uk, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Greece, Australia, Israel, Russia …


Outwork – One Side Effect
Outwork feat Mr Gee – Elektro
Outwork presents Karim – Poison
Outwork feat AnnBee – Out of Time
ALP vs Outwork – Fiesta Elektronika
Outwork feat Mr Gee – Thank God For Music
Outwork feat Jay Rolandi – Up and down (The Rendez Vous Song)
ALP vs Glam – Hell’s Party
ALP vs Outwork – Movida
Outwork feat Mr Gee – Emotion
Pietro Berti – Myst
Outwork feat Mr Gee – Music
Outwork feat Mr Gee – My Phone
Outwork – Black Rain
Outwork – Driver
ALP vs Outwork – Elektronik Bossa
Outwork vs Juiceppe – New Gold Dream
Outwork & Eric Solomon – How does It Feel
Outwork presents Red Project – Alarm
Outwork – Fuckin’ Groove
Outwork – Anything
Outwork & CTRL Dave – Car Lose
Outwork – Under Pressure
Outwork & CTRL Dave – Love
Flaremode & Outwork – Altered Beast
Outwork – Heroes
Outwork – Monster Beat
Outwork & Silvio Carrano – Serial Killer
Outwork & Flaremode – Singa
Outwork & Alex Lo Faro – I Can Fly
Outwork & Bryan Ross – Drop
Marder & Outwork – Hypnosis
Outwork , Alex Lo Faro & JJ Faro feat Akil Wingate – Five Steps Away
Outwork & Johnas feat. Annbee – Fabulous
Outwork vs Lee J , Alex Lo Faro feat Cat Clap – Believe It
Outwork feat Mr Gee – Move
Outek – Thunder (Outwork Mix)
Pietro Berti , Alex Lo Faro & JJ Faro feat Akil Wingate – Freedom
Pietro Berti – Onda Marina
Outek – Venom
Outwork & Pietro Coppola feat WhiteFox – My Love
Outek – Hurricane
Outwork & Eric Solomon – How does It Feel 2016
Outwork feat Elaine J. – Creating Traps
Outek – Outsider
Outwork & Revolution 68 feat Pretty Bad Liar – My Meditation
Outwork presents C.O.M. – My Gloomy Eyes
Outwork & Pietro Coppola – Beneath Te Sea
Outek – Enemy
Outwork , Deeprog feat Myselfs – Don’t Ask Me Why
Outwork , Frisco & Marcos Peon – Friky Snake
Outwork feat Dr Alex – The Game
Pietro Berti – Guitar

Ste.Ga.Shop – Supermarket (Outwork Remix)
Maurizio Gubellini – Moscow Trip (Outwork Remix)
Rivera Project – Some Kind Of Heaven (Outwork Remix)
Roger Sanchez – Bang That Box (Outwork Remix)
The Migrants – I Thought That (Outwork Remix)
Molella – Love Resuraction (Outwork Remix)
Pornocult – Time (Outwork Remix)
Mario Piu’ – Ueno Park 5am (Outwork Remix)
Mason vs Pricess Superstar – Perfect (Outwork Remix)
Paolo Aliberti – Biosfera (Outwork Remix)
Db Boulevard – Chance Of A Miracle (Outwork Remix)
Freddy Montana – Let Me Hold Your Hands (Outwork Remix)
Paolo Aliberti – Born To Fly (Outwork Remix)
Dj Joe K – Wake Up (Outwork Remix)
MA.DA. – Rhythm Is A dancer (Outwork Remix)
Sagi Rei – Missing (Outwork Remix)
Ensaime – Ibiza (Outwork Remix)
Akil Wingate and Franck Donna – If (Outwork Remix)
Alex Guesta – Thank you (Outwork Remix)
Ensaime & Dj Jurij – Chase (Outwork Remix)
Flux & Lola – Romance (Outwork Remix)
Manu Da Bas feat Tim – Baby That’s Life (Outwork Remix)
Sophie Ellis Bextor – Starlight (Outwork Remix)
Andrea Paci – Kiss Me (Outwork Remix)
Ben Dj – Smile (Outwork Remix)
Vasco Rossi – Colpa Del Whisky (Outwork Remix)
Sergio Matina & Gabry Sangineto – Sound Of Freedom (Outwork Remix)
Tiko’s Groove – Sim Amiga (Outwork Remix)
Henry John Morgan & Paolo Pellegrino – Insane Love (Outwork & CTRL Dave Remix)
Formal Monkeys feat Sherry St Germain – Soldiers (Outwork & CTRL Dave Remix)
Maini – Electromilano (Outwork Remix)
Flaremode feat. Tayma – Invisible (Outwork Remix)
DJ Jurij feat. Harmon – People Are Still Having Sex (Outwork Rework)
Vinjay Arny M Modestyno – Passion (Outwork Rework)
Sergio Matina & Gabry Sangineto Feat. Cozi – Gravity (Outwork Remix)
Dave Till & Flaremode Vs Hard Lights feat. Jonny Rose – Curtain Falls (Outwork vs Zeno Remix)
Horizonte & Mr Vegas – She’s On Fire (Outwork Remix)